Bodybuilder Who Ate 10,000 Calories A Day Dies Of Steroid Abuse

Steroid use is a huge problem in the fitness junkie community. Unfortunately, people are still using them since they are known for increasing muscle mass. However, there are many negative side effects like impotency, heart and liver complications, and severe hormonal imbalances.

For British bodybuilder Dean Wharmby, gaining muscle outweighed the possible negative side effects, causing him to dose up on steroids, ingesting up to 10,000 calories of junk food and more than 8 energy drinks every day.

Unfortunately, Wharmby’s obsession with increasing his gains and the related abuse of anabolic steroids caused him to develop liver tumors. By the time the growths were found, they were too large to operate on.

With the end of his life on the horizon, Wharmby and the mother of his child, Charlotte Rigby, attempted to fight off the cancer with natural medicine and a low-sugar, vegetarian diet. Unfortunately, these attempts were unsuccessful, but how they chose to inspire change is amazing.

With the doctor’s insistence that his cancer was directly related to his steroid abuse, Wharmby was inspired to change the perception of steroid using social media.

Wharmby and Rigby started a Facebook page titled Dean’s Journey, which documented the deterioration of Dean’s health over the course of his disease’s progression.

Having gathered over 10,000 likes, the page left has allowed Wharmby to have a positive impact on the community, even after his death.


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